We've gotten to work with some amazing people. Here's what they've said about working with us.

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Good Work Institute has been so fortunate to work with Ava Bynum as a local facilitator of the Hudson Valley Fellowship. She brings tremendous professionalism and expertise to the role of guiding the fellows, all of whom are local leaders, through a comprehensive curriculum that involves development of self, community, enterprise, and place. Ava is highly respected by fellows, peers, partners, and colleagues for her strengths as an observant and skillful community leader. She guides difficult conversations towards positive outcomes. Her training and experience in working with groups representing many different backgrounds and identities allows her to successfully facilitate group work to be of the highest benefit to all stakeholders involved. Her understanding of and passion for local economic development and community building in the Hudson Valley make her one of the best facilitators we've had the opportunity to work with. We look forward to continuing to work with Ava!

Erica Dorn, Managing Director, Good Work Institute

Hudson River sloop clearwater

Clearwater turned to Omnymyst when our organization gained a heightened awareness of systemic racism and oppression within our walls and among our customer base. Over the course of multiple staff trainings and discussions with key members of the organization, our staff gained a lot of information and awareness about racial injustice, skills to address issues of racism, and motivation to continue fighting oppression. The time we spent together, under the careful guidance of Ava, led our community towards a much greater level of comfort with discussing racial tensions and allowed us to recognize unconscious biases that were harming the health of our organization. The historical framework within which white cultural constructs were presented was enlightening for many of us. Throughout the difficult discussion topics in each training session, there was a constant return to motivational and actionable changes that helped us all feel that progress was possible with some hard work and dedication to justice. There were some immediate shifts in thinking, understanding, language use, and personnel policies that resulted from our initial diversity and sensitivity trainings and we look forward to implementing some longer-term strategies as we continue to work with Ava. 

Maija Liisa Niemistö, Education Director, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

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Center for the study of white american culture

"I count myself and the Center for the Study of White American Culture (CSWAC) very fortunate that Ava was referred to us as a trainer. She's an absolute joy to work with. Ava learns fast, and is equally masterful at designing new programs. She prepares thoroughly for work, and shares leadership seamlessly. Ava has a genius for weaving participant comments and concerns into the workshop material she's already planned to present. As a facilitator, Ava's the total package!"

Robin Mallison Alpern, Director of Training, CSWAC

Workshop Participants

"So much went well about this workshop! I particularly liked the history lesson and there was a lot of good, well structured breakout groups."

"This workshop gave us a lot of concrete things to do moving forward, and that was particularly helpful. Beyond personal work, it was really valuable to look a the specific actions we could take to move forward."

"People were encouraged to ask questions and engage with new material. The facilitator was patient and gave quiet people many opportunities to speak up. Everyone’s voice was heard."