Equity & anti-oppression

Beyond a single workshop, social justice and movement building is life work and takes persistence, community and courage. We support you through the quick changes you can practice right away, and the significant shifts that come with time and effort. 

We've partnered with organizations to run day-long staff trainings, engage Boards in conversations about how social justice is relevant to your organization's mission, supported organizations to examine their hiring practices and outreach, coached organizational leadership, assessed educational programing, and more. 

We work with organizations both short-term through trainings, and longer-term for deeper organizational change. 

Some values that guide our work in this area are:

  1. Going beyond cultural competency to think critically about how culture is created and how power is distributed in your organization. 
  2. Building Accountable Power with your community, membership base, and clients.
  3. Balancing internal and external work, recognizing that your organization is as just, equitable and authentic as the people who comprise it. 

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Over the course of multiple staff trainings and discussions with key members of the organization, our staff gained a lot of information and awareness about racial injustice, skills to address issues of racism, and motivation to continue fighting oppression. The time we spent together, under the careful guidance of Ava, led our community towards a much greater level of comfort with discussing racial tensions and allowed us to recognize unconscious biases that were harming the health of our organization.
— Maija Liisa Niemistö Education Director Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc