What is is like to work with Omnymyst?

We help you show up to do your work differently, and find clarity and connection in complex systems. Omnymyst works with clients to build their organizational capacity in these main areas: equity and anti-oppression, relational fundraising, meeting and retreat facilitation, and program and curriculum development. We also support organizations with program evaluation and assessment, and other organizational needs.

We find that by investing in these pillars, our clients develop a common vision, increase connection with each other and their community, and are more impactful in their work. After working with Omnymyst your organization will have a clearer picture of your needs, have actionable plans to move forward, and have deeper relationships as a team to put your goals into practice. 

The first step in working with us Omnymyst is a complimentary consultation call where we'll talk about your challenges and hopes. If Omnymyst is a good match for your goals, we’ll then draft a proposal for our work together.

Depending on your needs, proposals can range from short term plans, such as a day long retreat for your team, to long term partnerships, such as building and implementing a values-based fundraising strategy.

Throughout our work together, we will take the time to listen to what you already know about your organization's needs, balance lofty goals with practical constraints of implementation, and recognize interdependence as a key component of impactful work. 

I count myself and the Center for the Study of White American Culture (CSWAC) very fortunate that Ava was referred to us as a trainer. She’s an absolute joy to work with. As a facilitator, Ava’s the total package!
— Robin Mallison Alpern, Director of Training, CSWAC