Ava Bynum

Ava Bynum is a passionate systems thinker with experience in education, food systems, program and curriculum design, community organizing, development, and non-profit management. Ava founded Hudson Valley Seed, a nonprofit that connects public school students to the land, themselves and each other through weekly garden education. With Ava as Executive Director Hudson Valley Seed scaled to educate over 5,000 children in New York public schools through curriculum-integrated garden education.

Ava has worked with universities, start-up nonprofits, public and private schools, social service agencies, movement-building organizations, and social-impact businesses. Ava’s consulting practice combines their extensive experience as an educator, food justice advocate, curriculum developer and farmer with their expertise in fundraising, organizational development and systems thinking. They have co-designed and facilitated a week-long immersion for farmers looking to undo racism in their agricultural work, a six-month place-based leadership development program that supports collaborative efforts to create a thriving future, and day-long trainings focusing on food and racial justice.

In order to most effectively work with others on justice, leadership, and team building they put their beliefs into practice to continue learning from experience. Ava spends time in community, in movement work, and in nature to stay grounded.